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Express Blow-Out

Options available:

  • express blow-out - $ (Per consultation)

Keratin Complex Express Blowout is so fantastic; it is the alternative to the popular Keratin Smoothing Treatment it can last up to 6 weeks. It is a faster service designed for you on the go clients you can do this service on your lunch hour; it takes about an hour or less. Express Blowout is a fraction of the cost and you can wash your hair 8 hours after the service compared to 72 hours for the smoothing treatment.

Keratin Complex Express blowout has the same great results as the smoothing therapy it will allow your hair to be more manageable, healthier, smooth, shiny and completely eliminates frizz. The Blowout works great on over processed hair, as it will improve the hair’s integrity. You can immediately add this on to any of your services, especially after a color which will seal in the color creating a more vibrant color and shine like never before. Each time you receive the treatment, results improve and you add more of the protective protein layer around your hair.

The Keratin Complex Express Blowout is different from Japanese hair straightening in that it does not change the actual structure of the hair. It also does not use harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. (It is formaldehyde free OSHA approved).