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Why is a salon app necessary

Not too long ago, when you were taking a flight, you had to get to the airport early and wait in long lines, just to check in. Today, almost everyone checks in online. It’s just easier.


The Pocket Salon App from SalonBiz is going to have a similar effect on the way salons interact with salon guests. One of the best parts of The Pocket Salon App is it’s FREE to SalonBiz subscribers.

Here are just a few of the features:


Self Check-Out that’s FASTER

Most salon guests are in a hurry. They want to get in and get out, as quickly as possible, avoiding long lines at usually understaffed front desks. A five-minute wait feels like eternity to a guest in a hurry, which downgrades their guest experience quickly.


With this app, guests can check themselves out in seconds.

Re-booking Appointments—IN THE STYLIST’S CHAIR

We all know that re-booking is a best practice to grow your salon business. This is why we made sure that we integrated re-booking into the self-checkout system.  Stylists can recommend the appointment, but can also make sure that appointment gets re-booked–before the guest even stands up from the chair.

Direct Messaging with Their Stylist, WHENEVER

Texting is simply how we communicate now. Now, with SalonBiz Pocket, when guests have a question or inspiration, they can let their stylist know, in the moment. This will also help stylists be more prepared for the appointment and manage their client’s expectations. Stylists will be prepared to discuss what a guest is thinking, before they arrive, leading to more effective guest consultations.

Retail Recommendations and Replenishment, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

Product recommendations are in the app, along with the guest’s past purchases. These recommendations are viewable each time the guest logs in, reminding them when it’s time to buy.

Ever told your stylist you are not ready to buy their recommendation, because you are not finished with your current product?  When you run out of a product, they can now order from your stylist, as soon as you step out of the shower.

You will also be able to add retail products during check out, and your stylist will be right there to help explain and educate which products are essential to keep your hair looking good.


Download the App and get the new guest experience.

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Welcome to Pocket Salon!
Giving guests the power to connect directly with stylist

Home base
The first screen guests see when you login. You see their customized product recommendations, upcoming appointments on the book and when you scroll up you will see the salon’s Facebook feed.

You have tons of options when booking an appointment day or night. The main booking screen lets guest see upcoming appointments, reserve a totally new service or can rebook one of your previous services with a touch.

Guests want to book fast, they don’t want to have to call or be put on hold — booking a previous service skips tedious steps and allows guests to book with a tap by automatically selecting the service and staff, all they have to do is select the time that works best for them.

Not sure what to book? Guests can search your entire menu to explore treatments and services you offer.

Becky with the good hair? Guests sometimes see someone and can’t remember their name or price point, searching the staff directory allows them to book with the provider they want.

Reminder to complete your reservation or add an additional service.

My cart is building the ticket, nothing is placed on the appointment book or charged until the guest has checked out.

No paper waste! Booking confirmations are electronic and awesome.

Success! Guests can bypass the congestion at the front desk and check themselves in for their appointment. The stylist will still get a notification on their Apple Watch or Smartphone thru the Stylist App that they’ve checked in.

Guests can view personalized product recommendations from their provider and quickly replenish their favorite items they’ve previously purchased.

Guests can easily leave a tip for their service team with a pre-calculated amount or a custom amount of their choice.

Guests can direct message their stylist ahead, explaining exactly what they want — for a killer consultation every time. 

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